A History of Successful Partnerships

For nearly 20 years, Expression Web has collaborated with companies from across the globe. From the United Nations to McGill University to Fairtrade, we have worked closely with companies and organizations from all walks of life to accompany them in the constantly changing world of new technologies and help them achieve their Web-related goals. Regardless of your industry, we can help you reach your full web-potential our extensive experience. Whether you are an NGO, business or any type of organization, we offer a solid partnership that will allow you to get where you want go.

Case studies

Expression Web believes in building sustainable partnership. No matter which environment you are in, we are able to take on the challenge. To give you an idea of ​​what we can do for you, you will find below some companies we have worked with and how we have helped them achieve their goals.


Stretching from coast to coast, The Great Trail is the longest recreational trail in the world. Such a fantastic project requires a fantastic website !

When TC Trail recently re-branded their look and approach, they reached out to long-time collaborator Expression Web to put together a new website to support and market The Great Trail. In addition to information on their services, the site features an interactive map where users can explore and plan their next adventure on the trail. Other features include a donation system, newsletter signup and an event submission system.


Grant Management Solutions provides support to countries receiving grants to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria.

With its extensive experience helping Non-Profit and NGOs, Expression was asked to develop a website to support GMS’s efforts and work. The site features a document repository where users can filter though resources and interactive maps that feature regions in which GMS offers technical support.


What better way to support users of The Great Trail than to offer them a mapping app to help them plan their trip and navigate it?

Teaming up again with Trans Canada Trail, Expression delivers native Android and iPhone apps that feature an activity tracker, measure tool, offline maps, directions in addition to POI and trail information to help users explore the trail.


Les Touilleurs pushes the culinary experience to a higher level by offering high-end kitchen tools and culinary workshops.

When producing e-commerce sites, Expression Web really shines! Les Touilleurs have a massive online boutique that features a database of thousands of different products. Their website's inventory is connected with their in-store POS system, to make sure users always have the most up to date information regarding which products are in stock.