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Promote. Impress. Express.

Web Development

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Sell. Promote. Transact.


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Friendly. Reliable. Knowledgeable.

Web gurus

The perfect mix of geeky, talented and professional

Web & App Development

Your current website looking a little stale? Need to create a new Website?
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Need to start selling online? Need help with your current e-commerce site?
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Social Media Marketing

Use the power of digital marketing to build your brand, broadcast your message, increase your sales.
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Alain Cote

Project and Business Management

Partnership. The word sometimes gets overused, but what else can you call it when you’ve been working with certain clients for so many years? Getting a call from them is like getting a call from an old friend.

What makes a business relationship endure for so long? Is it the level of professionalism of our client? Is it the quality of our work? Probably all of those answers… but beyond that, it’s the mutual respect and the care put into every phone call and meeting which enriches the experience of every single project.

If you are a new or potential client coming to our site for the first time, I invite you you to give us call so we can get a new partnership started.

About Expression

Imagine. Create. Launch.

Located in Montreal, Canada, Expression has worked with clients all over the world. Our projects landscape looks like a world atlas: New York, London, Amsterdam, Montreal, South Africa, Morocco, Vietnam, Ottawa, Spain, Toronto and more. We specialize in web development, app development (both for the web and for mobile devices), e-commerce, social media and many other services related to the web. Our small staff of web experts focus on finding the solution best suited to our clients and their projects. Contact us and let’s discuss how we can help you with your current or new web project.

Meet the staff

Meet the people who make the Expression Web magic happen.