About Expression

Friendly. Reliable. Knowledgeable.

Expression Web is a well established technology firm specializing in web design and development. With a small and dedicated staff, plus over a decade in the industry, we have the ability to work one-on-one with our clients when they need us, without compromising the expertise we bring to the table. Our clients feel that their ability to work directly with us, combined with our experience is what makes us unique.

A New Name

In 2011, Expression changed part of its company name from Expression Multimedia to Expression Web to reflect the evolution of the web-industry. Alain Cote, President of the old and new Expression, gives his personal account of this transition: “When we started Expression in 1998, the web was a very different place. This was before Facebook, Twitter and Youtube. It was even before Yahoo! and Google. CDs were also still extremely popular. Calling ourselves ‘multimedia’ was a good choice at the time since it reflected the versatile nature of the work we were doing in that emerging technology. Now, more than 10 years later, the web has become a much more complex and sophisticated environment requiring a much deeper and specialized knowledge of web technology. Since Expression slowly moved away from CD and multimedia production to a specialization in web development, we realized we needed to change the company name to reflect that evolution.”


  • "Thanks to Expression Web Solutions---a team so easy to work with(!)---our new website design is smart, dynamic, professional, and easy to navigate. Each page reflects who we are as a company and invites visitors to learn more. See for yourself: contraceptivetechnology.com"
    CT - Deborah Kowal

A Human Approach

We understand that for many of our clients, their web project is their first experience in the world of online publishing. We also understand that this first experience can seem daunting. Our goal is to make that experience as enjoyable and successful as possible. On a completely different level, we often work with very experienced individuals or entire IT departments. These clients will appreciate a relationship where they can speak their tech language and be understood, and where solutions are given priority over problems.

Built for Business

Expression is located on St-Laurent Boulevard in the heart of Montreal’s Plateau district. This 3-story commercial building is owned by Expression and also houses Green Communication Design (Expression’s Print Media partner). We have approximately 2,500 square feet at our disposal. Expression has 10 full-time staff and also has access to additional designers from Green Communication. We have established partnerships for SEO, Social Media Marketing, On-line Ad Placement, Hosting and Mass-Email distribution. Expression is well positioned to produce small, medium and large projects.

More Testimonials

  • "The Expression Web team developed for Justenbois, a magnificent and very effective website, that we constantly receive compliments for. I'd like to thank the project manager Shelby Renaud for the quick follow-ups and the president Alain Coté for maintaining a good working relationship with us."
    Justenbois - Pierre Simard
  • "Working with Expression Web for the elaboration of our transactional website, was a very positive experience. The professionalism and drive that this young team exudes, made the experience easy and pleasant. Expression Web is a serious development firm that we recommend for website development and e-commerce."
    Les Touilleurs - L'équipe
  • “We have worked with Expression two website relaunches - one in 2015 and another in 2012. In both cases, Alain and his team were careful to help us understand the different technological options, what would work best for our largely developing country/lower band-width readers, and how our different choices would impact our budget. Expression is does a great job with non-profits; they understand our priorities and constraints. It was a pleasure working with them and I have recommended them to many colleague agencies.”
    ICEC - Elizabeth Westley