Add a new page

  1. Access Pages (from the left side menu) > Add new 1
  2. Add a page title in the appropriate field
  3. To add text content, select the desired language tab and next to it, Visual (to edit text with the toolbar)
  4. Add Media – images, PDFs etc… (instructions will follow)
  5. In the Parent dropdown, select the parent page (header main menu, 1st level page) you’d like to list this page under.
  6. Some pages have a different format than others, so a template may need to be chosen, although for standard pages, there is no need to select an item from this dropdown.
  7. You can preview the page before publishing it, by selecting Preview. Once your work is complete, select Save draft or if you wish to publish the page on the website, select Publish 2

Add a link

  1. Highlight the words you’d like to hyperlink in the text editor and select the Insert/edit link icon in the toolbar. 3
  2. Insert the URL you’d to link the text to, in the appropriate field.
  3. Select Open link in a new window/tab
  4. Select Add link to complete this step. The highlighted text will have changed colors, thus indicating it’s been correctly hyperlinked. 4

Add an image or PDF

  1. In the text editing box, click on the area you’d like the image to be added to and select Add media 5
  2. Select an already uploaded PDF/image from the media library by simply clicking on it or upload one from your desktop by selecting Upload Files
  3. In Attachment details, title the file, choose the desired alignment of the file on the page and Insert into page to complete. 6

Add a video to a new or existing page

  1. Upload a video to a video hosting website, such as YouTube
  2. Copy the embedding code (for YouTube, click on Share -> Embed ->Choose video size -> Copy embedding code)13
  3. In the page editor, select the Text tab (next to Visual), click on the location you’d like to place the video among the existing content and paste the embedding code
  4. Click on Update in order to publish these changes (you can Preview before)

Edit an existing page

  1. Access Pages (from the left side menu) and click on the titled page you’d like to edit. You can also click on edit when mousing over the title of the page. 10
  2. In the page editor, you’ll see all current content, which you can modify to your liking.
  3. A media file can be removed simply by selecting it and pressing on Delete from your keyboard
  4. Text can be linked by following steps under Add a new page -> Add a link
  5. A media file can be added, by following the steps under Add a new page -> Add an image or PDF
  6. A video hosted on YouTube can be added, by following steps under Add a new page -> Add a video to a new or existing page
  7. Select Preview to preview the changes you’ve made
  8. When the changes are complete, select Update make the changes appear on the website 11

3. Add a non-linking category the header’s main menu / Create parent page / placeholder

  1. In the WordPress menu to the left, select Appearance > Menus
  2. Select the Links tab to the left side of this page
  3. Enter “#” in the URL field
  4. Enter the title you’d like to appear in the website’s header in the Link Text field
  5. Select Add to menu 12
  6. Note: Your new menu category will appear at the bottom of the hierarchy displayed to the right of the page.
  7. Click and drag new category to the desired location (the order seen here, is the same as it will appear on the website)
  8. Select Save Menu to complete (top and bottom right corners of the page)

Add a page to the new category’s dropdown

  1. Appearance > Menus > Select Pages tab to the left
  2. Select desired pages by clicking on the checkbox next to their title
  3. Select Add to menu
  4. This page will now appear to the bottom right amongst the other pages
  5. Click and drag this page to the location you’d like it to appear on the website
  6. Select Save Menu to save these changes and complete this task