Meet the team

Alain Cote

Web Director

Alain works with existing and potential clients to grow Expression’s business profile. He also manages most ongoing web projects, liaising between clients and Expression’s development team. Alain has been active in web design and development since 1998 when Expression first started doing business.


Business Planning and Management, Project Management, Art Direction, Client Relations

Alain is also an avid gamer, musician and collector. After over 12 years of trying , he is still attempting to master CIV 3.

Derek Fong

Project Management, Technology and Development

Derek develops web applications and helps identify the technical requirements necessary to implement the needs of Expression’s clients. When his head’s not buried in application code, database schemas or sysadmin work, he’s busy coordinating work among our agile team of developers. He has been actively developing websites since 1996.


Web application development (LAMP) & system administration.

When he’s not geeking out on his laptop, he can often be found wandering about with a camera or in his darkroom at home.

Shelby Renaud

Project manager

With her great ability to communicate, her knowledge of the web and organizational skills combined, Shelby ensures that a project progresses efficiently. She is the liaison between the client and our development team, always making sure that a project’s final result, is one Expression can be proud of.

Shelby has been active in web development since 2010, and is very familiar with the WordPress platform.


Project management, coordination and client relations.

On her off time, Shelby enjoys cooking, discovering new plant-based ingredients and staying informed about latest web trends. She also occasionally completes additional missions in Fallout 4.

Marc Guay

Web Developer

Marc has been growing his programmer beard since 2007. PHP was love at first sight and he hasn’t looked back. He is responsible for maintaining legacy sites, developing new ones, bug crushing, and bringing fresh designs to life.


WordPress, Magento and jQuery.

In his free time Marc is a drummer, gardener, and destroyer of chocolate bars.

Marie-Emmanuelle Betis

Web Developer

Marie-Emmanuelle is the newest addition to our development team. She’s contributed to a number of projects since her arrival and has proven that she can conquer new challenges like a champ. She has experience working with Magento 2 and WordPress content management systems. She’s also worked with different PHP frameworks, such as Laravel, Yii, Bootstrap and Jquery.


Design integration (HTML, CSS and Jquery)

In her spare time, Marie loves to draw and paint and enjoys reading philosophical pieces.

Joe Greaves

Senior Web Developer

Joe works on the development team, building websites and Microsoft Access applications. He has been with the Expression Web team for three years, and working in web development for five. He has built sites using various content management systems, including WordPress, Magento, eZ publish and Expression’s own Firefly.


WordPress Application Development, and Javascript solutions.

In his spare time, Joe enjoys powerlifting, fantasy novels, backwoods camping, and gaming. He is constantly debating whether I’m Not Down by The Clash or Body Of An American by The Pogues is the best song ever recorded.

Sandra Green

Creative Director

Sandra works to give projects that elusive visual spark. She has been overseeing the creative team since 1998, helping to capture the essence of each project and bring it to life on screen, and in print.


Client Relations, issue-driven design, needs analysis and project management.

She is constantly debating (see Joe Greaves) whether Golden Brown by The Stranglers or White room by Cream is the best song ever recorded. Sandra’s current obsession remains Candy Crush, and she vows that level 129 will not get the best of her. Stay tuned…


Team Spirit Coordinator

Maya heads Expression’s anti-stress department. Her techniques range from clowning around evoking bursts of laughter, to a gentler full on body hug for those in need.


Zootherapy, stress detection, fetch/retrieve.

Maya can be found at the entrance to the studio, ensuring all that come through are properly greeted. She is known for her polite, attentive nature and ability to brighten up any day.